Editorial Licensing

Editorial photo licensing is a specialized form of image licensing tailored for journalistic and non-commercial purposes. It grants individuals and organizations the right to use photos in news articles, documentaries, educational materials, and other editorial contexts where accuracy and authenticity are paramount.

Editorial Use & Limitations

Editorial licenses strictly prohibit using the photos for promotional or commercial purposes. These images are intended to accompany news stories, feature articles, or informative content.

Photos licensed for editorial purposes should accurately represent the events or subjects they depict. Any alterations that might compromise the truth or objectivity are generally not allowed.

 Editorial photos often feature people and properties in public spaces without the need for explicit model or property releases. This is because they document real-life events and subjects.

 Editorial images are typically restricted in terms of distribution and audience reach. They are meant for specific editorial outlets, such as newspapers, magazines, websites, and educational institutions.

Editorial photos are often used to report on current events or illustrate stories with a specific time frame. Licensing durations are usually short-term.

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